Financing - Grant, Debt, Equity

A key service provided by Agri Frontier is assisting family owned and

corporate farming clients attract investment funds.  This service

includes helping investee companies think about their capital

requirements strategically, assisting them to become "investment ready" in order 

to raise capital quicker, on most appropriate terms, with the most

appropriate structure and from investors most matched with them.

Agri Frontier has an extensive network of funding sources, including private equity, impact and developmental investors able to invest a combination of equity, debt and grant funding.

Services include:

Investee Companies

  • Building a fundraising plan
  • Reviewing and creating fundraising documentation (business plans, teasers and investment presentations, financial models)
  • Identifying investors and lenders that may be interested in the opportunity
  • Managing multiple interested investors
  • Preparing for due diligence, including structuring a data room
  • Reviewing terms sheets and progressing an investor to completion


  • Provide credible opportunities for investors that are "investment ready" and that meet key investment and due diligence requirements.

If you are an investee company thinking of raising equity or debt within the next 18 months, then please contact us. 

Alternatively, if you are an investor and want to know more about the portfolio of investment opportunities, then please contact us.