Sylvia Mugo

Executive Recruitment Consultant

Sylvia is a seasoned professional in the field of Recruitment, bringing a wealth of experience from her tenure at recruitment firms and consultancy work for companies with short-term recruitment needs. Her extensive background covers various regions in Africa, where she has served prominent roles in both Multinational and Global organizations.

Sylvia’s expertise includes recruiting for a diverse range of positions, including C-suite, managerial, and mid-level roles, across industries such as E-Commerce, Startups, SMEs, FMCG, Ed-tech, Agri-tech, Fin-tech, Telecommunications, Financial services, Hospitality, and Research firms. Prior to joining Agri Frontier, Sylvia held key positions at renowned international companies like Workforce Africa and Hallmark Recruitment. In these roles, she served as a Senior Lead Recruiter and a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Sylvia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from St. Paul’s University, with a specialization in Human Resources.

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