Agri Frontier is an agri investment and agri-business advisory firm specialised in helping create world class farming and integrated agribusinesses across the value chain, with a focus on frontier markets, particularly Africa. We support agri-businesses and investors through our offices in the UK, Kenya, Nigeria and network of consultants across Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda.

How we help

Feasibility Studies

We support agri & food businesses to bring clarity to investment decisions by delivering clear and concise investment rationale supported by robust analysis. We have a strategic partnership with Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (Crop Nuts), East Africa’s leading firm of agronomic advisors to the agri-business and food sectors across a wide range of crops, in varied geographic and climatic conditions. Crop Nuts agronomic advisors are supported by their own independent soil analysis laboratory, the most sophisticated in East Africa.

Our analysis differs from traditional feasibility studies.

  • We focus on what really matters
  • Deliver advice that is commercially relevant
  • To support funding applications make sound decisions, often involving long-term consequences

How we help

Business Valuations

We support African agri & food businesses to bring clarity to business decisions by delivering clear and concise advisory supported by robust analysis. We have both the experience and the in-house specialist skills to perform valuations of complex agri-businesses and assets for a variety of purposes.
If you are a company thinking of conducting commercial or financial valuations, we would be delighted to discuss further.

We deliver clear and concise advisory supported by robust analysis:

  • In support of balance sheet valuations for funds and companies
  • As a component of due diligence in respect of M&A transactions
  • In support of debt and equity capital issuance – Sales transactions

How we help

Strategy Development

In the agribusiness and food space we provide clear recommendations along with informed commercial, market, technical and financial strategy development. Our consultants leverage technical and market research to develop in-depth operating models, financial projections and investment analysis. This is in addition to providing operational support to execute their strategy.

We bring clarity and direction by delivering clear and concise investment rationale:

  • Evaluation of new business opportunities in agriculture and food
  • Feasibility analysis with clear recommendations
  • Business risks and mitigation strategy
  • Market, technical and financial studies to support funding applications
  • Detailed strategy to support a business plan

How we help

Financial Modelling

Developing financial forecasts and models – in consultation with management, we develop 5 or 10-year forecasts and models depending on the nature of the business and the nature of the crops under cultivation. The financial models are essential in raising finance needed for expansion as well as in business valuation prior to any equity transactions.

Our dynamic multi-year financial models are tailored for each business case but will include:

  • Macro assumptions (exchange rate and interest rate forecasts)
  • Detailed enterprise costings (productivity, revenue, cost of sales, operating costs)
  • Capital expenditure assessment and loan schedules
  • P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and investment return analysis

How we help

Commercial Due Diligence

Agri Frontier’s service is strongly differentiated from traditional due diligence service providers: we leverage our in-depth knowledge of our focus sectors to move beyond financial due diligence process and tackle the key issues to determine the future value and performance of prospective targets.

We focus on identifying the strategic deal value for the client and their target while helping to identify, quantify and manage key risks

  • Commercial & Technical Evaluation
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Valuation
  • Co-ordination of Legal Due Diligence

How we help

Restructuring & Turnaround

Agri Frontiers key point of difference is that we understand agri-business, what works and what doesn’t, based on direct commercial experience and our team’s depth of expertise.

We perform company restructuring and turnaround, often being called in by investors after things have already gone badly wrong. We have extensive experience in managing multiple parties in potentially difficult situations.

  • Restore confidence and allow time to stabilize the business
  • Independent advice on restructuring, collateral assessments and refinancing alternatives
  • Improve liquidity management by identifying and implementing “quick wins”
  • Identify operational drivers of inefficiency and develop programs to drive profitability
  • Advise financial stakeholders (banks, bondholders, asset management firms, and Unsecured Creditor Committees) on restructuring options, to maximize recoveries

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